Women in Technology: My Career with Microsoft and Delaware

Mar 02, 2023
  • Microsoft

My career path, like that of so many today, has been a squiggly line leading me to tech. I have now worked in this field for over 10 years, and I’ve seen so many changes...

The journey so far

I started my Dynamics career working on a sales project. This gave me the bug to understand what matters to a user and create business processes to enable advancements. Over the last five years Microsoft tech has evolved, it’s highly user-friendly and within the grasp of anyone with a passion to drive important IT changes.

I love that I – like so many women – have a significant role to play in this tech evolution.
Katy Milner Senior Consultant – CE, Microsoft, Delaware UK & I

Making the difference

I love my role as I enjoy helping others by making IT accessible and easy to use. It gives me great job satisfaction. I thrive on working in an environment where I am encouraged to ask questions, speak out and - more importantly - learn. In my case, my career has been amazing: I’ve always been hired for my skills and gained valuable experience working with some inspiring leaders and innovators.  

Working at Delaware

I knew from my very first interview with Delaware, it was the right fit for me. The environment is friendly and fun, and mirrors my work principles, the team really welcomed me. 

On-going development 

We are kept up to speed with all Microsoft wave updates, and receive training and career progression plans designed to suit my career needs and goals. With clear strategies, it’s easy to understand what role I play in creating team and personal successes. I would certainly recommend working in tech to anyone, especially if you can work for a company like Delaware.


Katy Milner

Senior Consultant – CE, Microsoft, Delaware UK & I

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