Unlocking marketing potential with a PIM, DAM, and CMS

Jan 09, 2023
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Streamline your marketing efforts and enhance customer experience with simple solutions to organise files, manage photos, and streamline product buying and returns. Say goodbye to spreadsheet nightmares...

You’re trying to launch your new product, and deliver an exceptional customer buying experience. But your marketing team spend their time trying to keep files organised, nobody knows where the photos are currently being used, you’ve got three files called ‘v2’, and your product buying and returns are causing you to get lost in a spreadsheet nightmare.  

Sound familiar? Thankfully, there’s a few neat solutions that aren’t as tricky as you might think.   

What is a PIM? Or a DAM? 

Simply put, a product information management system (PIM) keeps all the product information organised, and a digital asset management system (DAM) keeps all the photos, videos, or other media about the product organised. In both systems, all your product information is centralised and kept consistent, so no one is having to keep spreadsheets up-to-date, and your business processes don’t get in the way of the good stuff: delivering high-quality creative content that sells!  

Let’s say you’re looking to launch a new product. You want it on your website, on your app, and to be able to shout about how awesome it is on social media. A PIM makes sure the sizes, quantities, prices, and other relevant information is available to deploy without someone having to manually check it all, and keeps them consistent whenever they’re updated. Then your DAM system keeps all the images and videos for each version of any product in a neatly categorised, easy-to-find-what-you-need system, tracking version changes where relevant.

Like a room of well organised folders, a PIM or DAM allows your team to quickly and easily select what they need – descriptions, images, specifications, and anything else needed to highlight a product.  

How do they work with my website, and my app?

With the right solution partner, these two systems can work hand-in-hand to deliver a seamless marketing journey for any business. They can also be deployed to work with existing website or app solutions, including the traditional CMS, best of suite, or a MACH-friendly composable. 

This means new product pages can launch without the pain of having to trawl through endless folders, or cross-check specifications per region. Now, both your website and app can be what you hoped it would be: a quick, efficient digital shop window that lets customers purchase with confidence. It’s like having an expert project manager built around the specific needs of your marketing teams. 

These systems can also be neatly integrated with your other business processes like enterprise resource planning (ERP), finance, or supply chain systems, ensuring that your website stock matches your real-world inventory. Returns also become much simpler, as you can be sure you’re getting the right product back and the stock levels will be updated. 

So what would they do for me?

Whether you’re B2B, or B2C, taking the pain out of your marketing and releasing the potential in your teams through proper systems brings huge advantages. In their 2022 report, Gartner noted that “both B2C and B2B organizations across multiple vertical markets and product categories can benefit from the introduction of a PIM. Business benefits including faster time to market, improved data quality, reduced costs and enhanced customer experiences are attainable.” 

Combining this with a well-integrated DAM system results in truly effortless marketing processes. Your teams can collaborate on a shared project without needing to send bulk emails full of attachments, and free from the pain of ‘v1, v2, v2 final, v2 final final, v3…’. 

Getting your product to the market faster, with more consistent information across your website, app, social media, and between your different teams, not only gives you a great competitive marketing advantage but provides the consistency customers value. 

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