3 Top tips to recruit for jobs that don't exist...yet

Oct 07, 2022

Profound changes will keep impacting the types of work and underlying skills your energy organisation is going to need to compete in future. Recruiting into jobs that are fast changing and attracting the top talent as you reposition your company are just two major challenges you need to overcome. But how do you address this right now?  

Recruiting star performers is always a challenge, but with today’s talent shortage there’s additional urgency. Star workers achieve real results and can have an invaluable and positive effect on your company’s culture and performance. So, how do you spot them?

1. Identify who your high performers are and support their continued development

Excellence attracts excellence. Identify your current high performers and leverage their qualities and behaviours to attract future stars. We can help you implement solutions to mine your internal data to identify, monitor and optimise your superstar performers.


2. Ensure your organisation has depth in key soft skills


These are the skills which you will need in depth to build the strong corporate culture that will be vital to your continued progress and success.

Key ones include: adaptability, emotional intelligence, non-verbal communication, assertiveness and empathy,

Look for these in new hires as much as identifying those in your current workforce that regularly demonstrate mastery of them.


3. Focus on a core set of specific skills that are important in any role, including:

  • Cognitive skills
  • Content skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Systems skills
  • Resource management skills

By focusing on these essential and transferrable skills in your recruitment processes you are more likely to build a workforce that works effectively and productively.

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Brian Riddell

Head of People & Skills