Three marketing tech trends we’d like to see take off in 2024

Feb 20, 2024

As the technology revolution continues to take hold of the business world, professionals across all teams are implementing the latest innovations that will...

...transform the way they work.

Finance departments are automating invoicing and procurement processes, distribution teams are monitoring their goods in real time, and sales teams are utilising enhanced visibility into consumer trends and analytics.

Embracing technology helps professionals prioritise their time on what’s important, which is why this year, we’d like to see more marketing teams join the tech revolution. 

Here are three marketing tech trends we’d like to see take off this year:

Harnessing AI-generated content

AI is a quickly garnering attention as businesses race to tap into its plethora of capabilities.

From supply chain teams leveraging AI to optimise their critical processes to CFOs harnessing AI to transform how they work, we can soon expect to see AI shaking things up across all business functions.

So, how can marketers tap into this revolutionary technology?

Imagine software that can help write engaging blog posts, social media captions, and even ad copy based on your brand’s tone of voice and target audience. That’s exactly what sophisticated language learning models (LLMs) powered by AI will be doing for marketers this year.

By leveraging LLMs in their existing workflows, marketers can tap into AI technology to develop relevant and compliant content with ease, based on the results they want to deliver.

Intuitive customer journey mapping

In addition to leveraging technology for content creation, marketers can also utilise solutions that will help them map customer journeys.

Tracking customer journeys has for a long time been a hurdle that many marketers struggle to cross. After all, it takes several touchpoints to create a qualified lead, and manually tracking these individual touchpoints per customer can feel like an impossible feat.

With the help of intuitive tools, however, marketing teams can confidently map their customers’ journeys across all touchpoints, tapping into advanced customer data and analysing trends.

Not only will this help identify pain points and opportunities for optimisation, but marketers will be able to create engaging customer experiences based on real-time visibility of data.

Increased automation

Marketing professionals are the heart of creativity within any business – yet many lack the time needed for creative thinking and content creation due to an abundance of manually laboursome tasks.

The time it takes to research buyer personas, create effective workflows, write engaging content, deliver meaningful campaigns, dive into analytics, and measure the effectiveness of their work can eat into a significant portion, if not all of, your marketing team’s time – leaving no time for creativity.

By investing in technology however to automate many of these tasks, marketing teams can better prioritise their time and spend it focusing on more creative outputs. 

The time to revolutionise marketing is now

Though marketing teams have for a long time been excluded from game-changing tech innovations, this year, we’re hoping that will change.

In fact, an industry-first marketing operating system was recently unveiled by Optimizely, promising to deliver unprecedented levels of flexibility, simplicity, and control through a singular AI-accelerated workflow that powers every stage of the marketing lifecycle.

Named Optimizely One, the secure and scalable solution equips forward-thinking marketers with everything they need to harness AI for content production, confidently map all touchpoints of a customer journey, and free up their day-to-day so they can get back to focusing on what matters.

Alex Atzberger, CEO of Optimizely, commented:

“Content is at the core of every digital experience, and Optimizely One provides exactly what marketers need to orchestrate their content, monetize experiences and experiment across all touchpoints – all enriched through smart workflows and accelerated by AI. The time is now for companies to seize the opportunity to reinvent how marketing, product and growth teams work together to create content-driven digital experiences.”

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