4 ways to simplify your maintenance scheduling right now

Oct 22, 2021
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As a work allocator, shift manager or lead manager in charge of maintaining and overhauling large or complex assets through their lifecycle, success means maximising uptime and ensuring optimal use of resources. With the right software tools, you can effectively track when maintenance is due, allocate the right resources and skills to undertake that maintenance, and deploy them at precisely the right time. 

In this blog discover how we can boost your operational efficiency by helping you find the solutions that will overcome common maintenance headaches by: 


  • Giving accurate real-time resource availability. 

  • Improving your reaction time. 

  • Consolidating multiple data streams on one screen at a glance, such as scheduled absences and shift patterns. 


Whatever sector your operations are in - aerospace, manufacturing or oil and gas, for example - and whether the assets are your own or you are managing them for another party, your core maintenance challenges are the same: 


  • Who is available to do the work? 

  • Are the resource(s) available? 

  • Do I have scheduling conflicts? 

  • Who do I give the work to? 

  • Has the work been started? 

  • What progress has been made? 


Not all solutions are equal: we will help you avoid those which present further hurdles rather than eliminating existing ones and guide you into the fast stream. 


1. Clarity 


We innately understand the value to users of information presented well in a clear, graphic format. Some solutions might support the requirements well but don’t present their data in user-friendly format. The graphics might be old fashioned, for example presenting reports in tabular form (which does not lend itself to instinctive interpretation), or requiring multiple screens for each different data stream. With our solutions you will be able to see at a glance: 


  • Load and availability; 

  • Priority and status (using colour coding); and 

  • Real-time progress tracking (visual bars). 


A significant benefit gained from our solutions enables you to respond much more quickly to any unplanned maintenance. This lessens the financial consequences to you of unplanned outages or downtime. 


2. Fully integrated 


We will ensure that your information flow is fully integrated in a ‘one stop shop’, helping you see the fullest possible picture in one feed. The decisions you are required to make are often complex and regularly time-critical. To make accurate allocations you need the most comprehensive overview possible of all relevant factors, such as available capacity or scheduled absences. Discover the benefits of informed decision-making, including user-friendly features which help you: 


  • Drag and drop work between days to lighten any burden on capacity. 

  • Quickly define relationships between work orders, reducing scheduling conflicts. 

  • Flag up potential scheduling conflicts, for example work requiring the same specialist tooling. 


3. Transparency  


We put you firmly in control by keeping things simple and transparent. Mostly, we help you avoid that depressingly familiar scenario: finding out that the native solution you signed up for is actually archaic and basic and to access the all-singing, all-dancing additional bolt-on solutions you were wooed with, well … you’re going to have to pay. And it’s not just a massive extra financial investment – often this scenario also involves more user and training time, stretching your staffing. 


4. Simplicity 


We’ll help you streamline your operations, simplifying rather than complicating themAllocate work simply and efficientlyusing user-friendly calendars and intuitive devices such as drag and drop to manually assign work.  


Free up your time further by auto-assigning repetitive jobs (such as weekly safety checks, daily inspections or scheduled risk assessments). This allows you to focus your time and resources instead on allocating non-repetitive jobs - those which are exceptions to the process. 


Our solutions will empower you to keep your project smoothly on track, no matter what unforeseen issues threaten to derail it. An invaluable feature to help you deal with many unforeseen obstacles is the ability to makmass changes to work orders. For example, if materials are delayed or key personnel are absent on sick leave. Alternatively, you may need to change status en masse following changes to your project paperwork. Whatever the hurdlewith our software solutions you will overcome it. 


Working with our team will help you smoothly and painlessly integrate the software solutions into your tech landscape so you get maximum benefit out of it from day one. Your teams will get effective and comprehensive training  although the software is so intuitive and self-explanatorymany users are up to speed very quickly 


In line with your work contract, we offer different levels of aftercare, all of which will ensure you glean the greatest possible commercial advantage and squeeze the most value out of your solutions. As an example, we can fully train a member of your internal team to be the primary troubleshooting point of contact. Alternatively, you may prefer a 24/7 helpline. Whichever level of aftercare you choose, you will enjoy the support and peace of mind you need to fully focus on your business goals.  


If you would like further details on the tools discussed in this blog, contact Jeremy Webb today and discover how our expertise and approach will help you streamline and optimise your asset management operations. 



Our approach to EAM 


Our EAM experts have 5 simple goals: 


  1. Improve your operational efficiency 

  2. Ensure you comply with the most stringent quality standards and regulations

  3. Save you time and money

  4. Help you manage change(s) more effectively

  5. Foster smarter collaboration 

    Contact Gary Ramsden or Stuart Querns and find out how our EAM services and expertise will enhance and simplify your asset management operations.