3 Smart strategies to stop your employees joining the 'Great Resignation’

Oct 07, 2022

Is your business struggling to hold onto it's people? Brian Riddell, Head of People & Skills at Delaware UK, shares his 3 top tips to stop your employees joining the 'Great Resignation'. 

Retention rates are a strong indicator of your company’s health. Some turnover is a healthy fact of business life, injecting new drive, skills and knowhow into your corporate culture. But, if your people are leaving in droves, or it’s the wrong people that are leaving then you have a problem. Ensure your own employees don’t join the ‘great resignation’ – our software solutions can help!


1. Spot the warning signs


There are some strong clues your employees are disengaging: key ones include apathy and a general decrease in participation, dipped performance, reduced communication and increased absenteeism. Software solutions will help you pinpoint trends at an earlier stage, so you can act sooner to stem the tide.


2. Understand employee expectations


Stronger appreciation of what motivates your employees and would boost their satisfaction, strengthens your ability to keep your people on board. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ but our solutions will help capture data from appraisals and performance reviews, so you can see at a glance what individual employees need to feel appreciated and motivated.


3. Deploy the right tech to better understand why there is a problem – and find a solution


Our experts will focus on the problem you are actually trying to resolve – we advise you on how technology can help deliver an effective solution allowing you to quickly eliminate the guesswork and be empowered instead by real insights in real time. By starting with the “Why?” we help you pinpoint precisely the exact issues needing fixing, allowing you to fully grasp how tech can really help you.


The beauty of cloud-based solutions is that they empower you – you are no longer reliant on your IT department (freeing them up to focus on other business-critical work). Unleash the full benefit of digital tools. Contact our team today. 

Unleash the full benefit of digital tools. 

Brian Riddell

Head of People & Skills