2 Essential fixes so you don’t lose valuable insights if key employees leave

Oct 07, 2022

Hold onto your intellectual gold! This article outlines strategies for retaining the vital knowledge and insights your energy organisation needs for a competitive edge – even if your star performers quit!

Knowledge is power – truer now than ever before. A key weakness for many energy organisations is the loss of vital knowledge and knowhow whenever you lose a key employee. Enter our space age solutions to this most ancient HR problem: a two-pronged strategy which will help you capture, share and pass on your people’s knowledge.


1. Deploying leading software solutions

Knowledge management systems help you record and share firmwide essential intel which for centuries had been locked away for personal consumption only.

Train your HR teams to identify which individuals are at highest risk of creating a knowledge vacuum if you lost them.

Undertake knowledge risk interviews with key employees, assessing what needs to be captured (eg technical knowhow, essential insights, crucial partner relationships).

Capture this essential data, information and insights in a centrally accessible knowledge management system.


2. Encouraging the right kind of corporate culture 

Ideally, your work culture should nurture an atmosphere of collaboration and knowledge sharing. It should also be adept at planning and overcoming risks such as knowledge loss.

Ensure that all employees understand and are trained in accessing your central knowledge systems, inputting their intel and gleaning information, including reports.

Incentivise your employees to regularly share and update their invaluable insights, contacts and knowhow. Permanently plug leaks and unleash the true power of shared knowledge.

Unleash the true power of shared knowledge.

Brian Riddell

Head of People & Skills