Quickchange and Delaware join forces to ramp up production of personal protection equipment

Apr 06, 2020
  • press release

BRISTOL, UK 6 April 2020 – UK-based manufacturer, Quickchange is partnering with global digital consultancy firm, Delaware, to help it rapidly shift its operational focus and accelerate the production and delivery of personal protective equipment (PPE), including a virus protection panel, to meet urgent customer needs in the current COVID-19 pandemic.  

Driven by the accelerating demand for this critical protective equipment, Quickchange has rapidly shifted production processes away from its core cash management and retail products and quickly realign them to fulfil the sudden influx of customer orders. Delaware’s supply chain support has been vital in enabling Quickchange to supply this key equipment fast, and make it more rapidly available to protect key staff working in frontline roles from virus transmission.   

To fulfil this role, Delaware has already enabled the rapid deployment of an emergency supply chain solution for Quickchange to support this. This has helped them to ship large quantities of (PPE) to frontline staff in some of the largest banks and building societies in the UK, ensuring these key employees get the protection they urgently need.

On receiving the initial request from Quickchange, Delaware got the emergency supply chain solution successfully up and running in less than 48 hours. With master and transaction data loaded and shipments ready to roll within the next 24 hours, Delaware ensured equipment was able to quickly reach those helping keep Britain operational in this current crisis.

Richard Seel, Managing Director, Delaware, said: “The delivery of this capability within 48 hours demonstrates the team at Delaware is going ‘above and beyond’ to deliver solutions quickly to the manufacturing and supply chain base in the UK and globally, ensuring the safety of the UK’s frontline critical staff.”

Delaware’s dedicated global 24x7 team across the UK, US and Belgium reacted quickly, working remotely over the weekend, to deliver a fully operational supply chain solution by Monday morning. To ensure maximum operational efficiency, the company is providing back-office support staff to help operate and maintain this emergency supply chain solution over the coming weeks.

“Though today’s situation is difficult and challenging for all of us, it gives us an opportunity to be creative and proactive in finding new ways to deliver these projects rapidly, supporting global supply chains in remaining operational,” added Seel.

Richard Barrington-Hirst, Managing Director, Quickchange said: “This project is a game changer for us as a business. Having the ability to adapt our operations to significantly increase production and meet customer demands at such a critical time is essential. Through our work with Delaware we’re pleased to be able to play a small part in ensuring that frontline workers are provided with personal protection equipment.”