We make digital work

We make digital work

Sales, marketing & service

Reality check

Many companies invest considerable resources in digital projects. But progress is often slow, and ROI is often lacking. Through a unique combination of skills, the delaware digital team helps you connect the dots between technology, operations and customer-facing activities.

Together with you, we want to make marketing, sales and service solutions work, so you can realize your organization's full potential.

A splash of ambition…

It's true: your customers expect compelling customer experiences at every touchpoint. And yes: to perform at their best, your marketing, sales and services teams need fast and easy access to quality data and cutting-edge tools and technologies. To survive in this modern-day landscape, you'll have to deliver.

…and a healthy dose of realism 

We won’t tell you to become the next Uber. Instead of chasing unicorns, we help you focus on becoming the best version of yourself. Together, we can build future-proof (digital) solutions that offer real value to customers and also to your employees, and other stakeholders.

Our vision: making it all click together

At delaware digital, we’re matchmakers at heart. We believe that well-oiled operations and efficient organization are essential for creating great customer experiences. That’s why, we’re always looking for ways to connect customer experience with the right technology, processes and data.  

Learn more about our philosophy to remove friction from customer experience.

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Our four-step approach

To make this happen, we’ve developed a pragmatic, four-step approach that will turn the tide for you and your organization. Rather skip one or more steps and call in our help for one particular phase? Pick and choose, we’ve got you covered either way!

1. We assess.

From data and market analysis to maturity assessments: by asking the tough questions, we help you shape your vision and set realistic targets.


2. We roadmap.

Together, we carve a path forward: we set priorities, define milestones, and make the right decisions. By focusing on quick-wins first, we pave the way for lasting changes.

3. We design & build.

CRM, PIM, DAM, CDP, CMS… none of these three-letter words holds any secrets for us. We can tackle any implementation and integration challenge – and more.

4. We adopt & leverage. 

Maximize the value of your investment with long-term support - from maintenance to digital marketing activation and adoption services.

What to expect


... wasting time, money, and talent on sub-par customer experiences

...engaging in disconnected activities

... implementing expensive, underused technology


... generating value for all your stakeholders

... leveraging the treasure trove of customer data within your reach

... using tools that inspire and delight customers and employees, day after day

Two people discussing, with a laptop

A team unlike any other

Here’s why we’re cut out for the job:

With 15+ years of experience in key industries, we understand your context and challenges.

Complex technical challenges are second nature to us. Go ahead: put us to the test. We’re willing to ask the hard questions (but you’ll love us for it).