XR: the future of interaction

XR: the future of interaction

Immerse yourself in a world of opportunities

Long regarded as a consumer technology, XR or extended reality is quickly becoming ubiquitous in the workplace. And it’s not hard to see why: by blending physical and virtual worlds, XR technology helps us create immersive experiences for customers, absorb new information and put it into practice, enhance product quality and design, and reach unprecedented levels of remote collaboration. No matter what industry you’re in, XR offers tremendous opportunities to improve efficiency and gain a competitive edge.  

As an umbrella term, XR covers virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), as well as mixed reality (MR). XR-based solutions add to or simulate the real world with digital content. In this way, users can work, train and collaborate more efficiently, and data can be collected in real time. 

Reality check: your XR-journey with delaware

When it comes to implementing XR in your organization, you want a partner that can move beyond the hype and deliver solutions that solve real business cases. Upgrade the way you interact with data, assets, and processes with our proven end-to-end approach to XR workflows – without skimping on your current investments. That’s right: at delaware, we ensure that your desktops, mobile devices, and even web applications can interoperate seamlessly with innovative headsets.

5 eye-opening XR use cases

Work companion

Provide guided, hands-free assistance to field technicians. Read more.

Virtual procedures

Train employees and track their progress in a virtual environment.


Create new ways for customers to interact with your products and services. Read more.


Visualize, test, validate and analyze warehouse operations without physical restrictions.

Virtual presence

Enable deeper levels of collaboration by immersing customers, suppliers and partners in your data, assets, and processes.

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Schréder sheds light on successful XR implementation

To allow clients to explore the many creative possibilities of their products, leading outdoor lighting designer Schréder created an AR configuration tool and VR platform. The result is a life-like, immersive experience. See for yourself or read the full case here.

Andy De Meyer-XR Lead/Integration expert

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