Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Your people and processes in one place

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based business applications suite, that helps to manage and grow your business supporting sales, marketing, finance, supply chain and customer service. The complete suite is modular so it will support you in your step of your growth journey. 

Reduce costs, minimize complexity, maximize your operational efficiency and get better insights for better decision making. Get ready to tear down silos, improve overall productivity, and realize a tailor-made transformation across the entire value chain.

How to unify your business applications with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help  you, too. Let's find out how.

Discover your Dynamics suite spot

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides you with a crystal-clear overview of your operations, processes and customers. That transparency makes it easier to identify and solve any business issues you may have. The platform will also enable you to spot new opportunities through data-driven insights, and to experiment with AI and emerging technologies (IoT, mixed reality, etc.).

Whichever combination of applications you end up with, your people are bound to love it. Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows for smooth collaboration on one platform, so you don’t need to manage separate CRM or ERP systems. Moreover, all data changes are instantly synchronized across the ecosystem. And since Microsoft Dynamics 365 continuously applies system updates, you can always enjoy the latest functionalities and features. Say goodbye to the stressful and time-intensive updates of yore.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 catalog contains all the building blocks to satisfy your business needs. Our experts can help you mix and match applications to cover every aspect of your enterprise.

  • ERP Solutions: Finance, Human Resources, Project Operations, Business Central, Supply Chain Management, …
  • Services: Global Inventory Accounting, Electronic Invoicing, Tax Calculation Service, Intelligent Fulfillment Optimization, …
  • Collaboration Solutions: Process Analytics, Sales Analytics, Universal Resource Scheduling, Connected Field Service, …
  • AI Solutions: Market Insights, Finance Insights, Sales Insights, Customer Insights, Fraud Protection, …
  • CRM solutions: Customer Service, Field Service, Marketing, Sales, …
  • Power Platform: Power BI, Power Automate, AI Builder, Managed Environments, …
  • Microsoft Cloud for Industry: Sustainability, Supply Chain Platform, Customer Experience Platform, …
  • Mixed Reality Solutions: Guides, Import, Remote Assist
  • Microsoft Copilot: Dynamics 365 Copilot, Microsoft 365 Copilot, Microsoft Sales Copilot
  • Microsoft Platform: Microsoft 365, Azure, Viva, Loop, …

You've got the Power (Platform)

To keep your digital core clean, we’ll stick to standardized processes as much as possible. But what if you need extra applications to accommodate your unique situation?

The Microsoft Power Platform extends each part of the Dynamics platform, providing you with automated processes, customer specific low-code extensions and more. The Power Platform boasts low-code/no-code technology, so you can intuitively enrich your IT landscape without a development phase. Your creations will instantly become a part of your infrastructure and draw data from your One True dataset.

delaware's Dynamic(s) help

Switching to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem can be complex. You need a long-term partner to help you address those organizational and technical challenges: which solutions and features are best for you? Which ones will ensure effortless future deployments?

Here at delaware, we think and act beyond the mere technical implementation. We’ll support your migration journey from start to finish, and develop the solution that fits your needs and requirements. Together, we’ll define your next steps and assist in optimizing and maintaining your applications. Our SMART solutions are based on years of industry knowledge and experience in discrete manufacturing, professional services and retail. They are a combination of best practices and accelerators, are tailored per customer and offer Speed-to-Value.

delaware achieved multiple Advanced Specializations, so you’ll always benefit from our strong relationship with Microsoft and the ecosystem’s maximum power. Here's how:

  • We perform a strategic analysis of your organization and draw up a realistic roadmap, so the final tool selection aligns with your business identity and objectives;
  • We take care of the technical implementation of your solution, according to Microsoft best practices;
  • We upgrade your change management to exploit the ecosystem’s full value.

Ready for lasting Microsoft Dynamics 365 success?

Ben Apers, Sales Manager

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