Professional Services: rethinking business models to deliver profitable client value.

Professional services firms are often seen as the vanguard of digital transformation for their clients. However, the simple “time and materials” business model that proved highly profitable for professional services organisations in the past is being replaced by an outcome-based business model.

In the wake of the recent global pandemic, remote working is becoming a long-term reality. Many organisations will opt to make remote working permanent, and the advent of emerging technologies and collaboration tools will increasingly ensure virtual work is productive, collaborative, flexible and cost effective.

delaware, as an IT solution provider, helps professional services firms by improving their operational efficiency, business responsiveness, and customer satisfaction.

We cover the entire business process of cross-industry professional services, from lead generation, opportunity management, project management, and project resource planning through to the follow-up processes in engagement management, such as invoice creation and analysis.


Enabling digitalisation to unlock value and efficiency

delaware recommends the intelligent suits of solutions from SAP which provides professional services firms with a proven framework to adopt industry best practices while attaining operational excellence across the full value chain.
ADV services spend their time chasing information. Bring them an integrated tool that manages opportunities upstream, define the terms of the contract, create a project structure and plan project financials. Your Delivery teams will also be winners: the real-time availability of contractual terms and conditions.
The main issue when it comes to invoicing is invoicing for the right service. Streamlining sales and billing will allow your firm to simplify and harmonise sales and payment processes to create a faster, more effective experience, as well as executing the right billing plan.

Professional services industry roles require travel and expenses. Anticipate these expenses by allocating them properly to projects. 

Monitor your actual margin and adapt or anticipate the staffing pitfalls of your teams.
Increase customer satisfaction and retention with a reliable, automated subscription billing process.
Digitise data and document management to make critical information simple to find in real-time.

Our approach

We are a global company that delivers advanced IT solutions and services that support professional services organisations. From classic PSFs to fellow technology providers, our consultants have deep expertise across a wide range of sectors. We can implement the tools that support your unique processes, not simply because we have the technological expertise and profound understanding of best practices, but also because we rely on them to drive our own business. 

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Discover FAST Professional Services

Flexible, affordable and efficient. FAST Professional Services is a SaaS best practice template built in SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

Our FAST approach has been proven and tested for over a decade – and combined with SAP’s Activate methodology - our robust framework is design to ensure success.

delaware will accelerate the speed of your implementation and guide you through your project with rapid, prescriptive and repeatable delivery steps, accelerated by tools, templates and predefined content that is ready to be consumed out of the box, delivering a faster go-live and consequently quicker ROI.

The benefits of FAST Professional Services:

  • Fully integrated and intelligent cloud-based solution ready to go ‘out-of-the-box’ 
  • Driven by best practice processes that enable you to accelerate your time to value 
  • State of the art analytics embedded offering real-time access to key business information
  • Continuous innovation – software upgrades are included and allow you to benefit from new innovations and processes

"Two days saved for monthly closings" 

Emmanuel GARELLI Project Leader, AKKA Technologies