Reach new levels of safety and agility with intelligent maintenance

As trusted advisers to leading oil and gas organisations we understand your key pain points are centred around; operational cost reductionprofitabilityreliability and safety.

With many organisations managing ageing assets principally offshore your operations and maintenance functions have a more vital role than ever. We can help you:

  • Greater visibility of recurring breakdowns
  • Better focus on maintenance schedules
  • Reduce repair overspend with cost analytics

1. Greater visibility of recurring breakdowns

Breakdowns are a reality for offshore assets and as your assets age, if they are not properly managed then frequent unplanned maintenance will: 

  • Drive up your costs 
  • Impact planned maintenance schedules 
  • Impact production 
  • Cause uncertainty 

We work with clients to bring greater visibility of potential breakdowns and their costs to your business by focussing on three key areas: breakdowns, maintenance schedules and repairs. 

We've helped a leading North Sea client reduce costs, breakdowns and lost production time by getting the right maintenance cost information (regarding specific equipment) to the right people at the right time.  


When assessing recurring breakdown frequency and cause, many clients historically relied on their engineers’ knowledge of the equipment and systems they maintain. This prevented them from having what they really need: 

  • Defined analytics showing recurring equipment failures and system failures caused by equipment breakdown.  
  • Associated maintenance cost information for that equipment.

Working closely with your oil and gas business, our EVOLVE service line will asssess the operational performance of your processes and how they are currently fulfilled. Drawing on this insight, we will design clear and objective roadmaps to deliver operational efficiencies and reduced costs.  

Our leading-edge process- and task-mining technologies objectively quantify operational cost drivers and identify which will deliver greatest value for you, in terms of cost and operational efficiency.   

We direct our efforts where they are most needed: your people, your processes and/or your technology. We recognise that no matter how good your technology, only your processes and the people that operate them will decide whether you realise your investment and  achieve genuine operational improvement. We therefore also implement a framework to monitor and sustain improvements.

We focus on ensuring cost collection at a work order level (whether the repair is preventative or emergency) as the benefits are clear: 

  • You can spot recurring equipment breakdowns and associated cost at a glance. 
  • Your maintenance teams can better decide whether it is cheaper to replace or repair failing equipment. 
  • You can better plan maintenance routines or equipment swap overs because the objective data on recurring failures you are receiving allows you to objectively analyse equipment maintenance schedules and reliability. 
  • Better control of equipment maintenance cycles based on real time operational use, rather than manufacturer-based guidelines. 

2. Better focus on maintenance schedules

Achieve more accurate maintenance planning and scheduling by better understanding your asset and equipment reliability. This will allow you to: 

  • Reduce unplanned maintenance activities; 
  • Extend the lifecycle of your equipment; and  
  • Prevent maintenance scheduling issues caused by emergency breakdowns. 

Value-added benefits: 

Our clients benefit by improving their analytics and cost allocation information to drive more accurate maintenance planning. We also encourage clients to incorporate manufacturer-based equipment maintenance schedules, by location, into their maintenance scheduling process.  

Including and maintaining this information within the equipment master data will empower you to better modify servicing schedules based on operational conditions.