People and skills

A better experience for your people

Greater success for your energy business

As a leading energy employer, employee experience is critical to your business success. 

To attract, develop and retain the talent you need to outperform your competition, you need to deliver an exceptional employee experience.

Your people are much more than interchangeable assets. They are the core of your organisation and – importantly - they know it! So Human Capital Management (HCM) becomes Human Experience Management (HXM). 

Organisations that do so achieve better business results, higher productivity, better revenue per employee and lower employee turnover.   

Talented employees with the most sought-after skills are increasingly scarce, globally and locally. Organisations need to make it harder for competitors to attract your people to move.

Invested employees generate great business value, becoming ambassadors, for your culture and brand.

HR is evolving quickly: successful employers now put your employees’ needs at the centre of HR instead of your organisation’s goals. 

Are you ready to accelerate business growth through a re-invented employee experience? 

Let us show you how.

HR pain points in the energy sector

Ultimately it all comes down to data: do you have it, is it accurate and what can it tell you about your business?

About SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management 

Builds on the best of human capital management (HCM) - and goes further, creating truly dynamic, engaging, and employee-centric experiences. 

A new way of delivering software: designed completely around what employees need, how they work, and what motivates them – and using this insight to make strategic decisions. 

Lays foundation for a more sustainable culture of continuous improvement and growth, increasing employee engagement, integrating workforce planning with business strategy and driving company performance.

Helps businesses shift focus from traditional HR processes to an intelligent model, delivering an employee-first approach which will better serve your business.   

Provides powerful solutions for core HR and payroll, talent management, employee experience management and people analytics to empower employees while enabling HR leaders to accelerate business growth. 

An extensive, flexible architecture that streamlines and aligns data flow to help you plan and optimise your people strategies for competitive differentiation.

How FAST HR can help accelerate your people systems

Supports a continuous culture of exploration, growth, feedback and productivity.

Facilitates an employee-first culture, putting employees at the centre of the design and delivery of the work experience.

Delivers a personalised, relevant, easy to access (and consume) HR experience.

Provides the resources, guidance and “nudges” to help employees explore and exploit opportunities, and thrive in their day-to-day activities.

A modelling platform which designs and tests migration pathways to reduce risk, disruption and cost of eventual implementation.

Enables organisations to refocus, offering rewarding career paths including career opportunities and continual development – instead of the traditional focus on competencies and skills.

Helps organisations reposition or transition, pinpointing the talent you need if you are shifting focus - from fossil fuels to renewables, for example.

Boosts retention by allowing leaders to combine employee experience and operational data, helping you to better listen to your people, understand how to improve their experience - and take action.

How can we help?

As a recognised SAP implementation partner, we are committed to helping you put your people at the heart of your organisation and future growth strategies - including transition or transformations. 

We have accrued extensive experience over decades working with energy organisations so we innately appreciate your specific HR challenges and know exactly how to   build the HR solutions you need. 

Our approach looks at total workforce management. We understand that, to succeed, you are not just managing people into your business – you need to manage your talent throughout the full employee lifecycle. 

We help you hunt your SQEPs (suitably qualified and experienced   persons)! When filling roles, you need to easily identify and track down those people in your organisation who:

  • bring the right experience and certification;
  • are available; and
  • are actually good at their job and possess the personal qualities the role requires.

We will help you attract, develop and retain the talent you need for your energy business to succeed.

More info? Ask Brian

Director, FAST HR 

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