We specialize in effective change communication and content marketing for IT companies and IT departments.

Change communication is all about getting your change message across to your internal collaborators. While communication isn’t always top of mind for many departments, neglecting proper communication comes with great risks. Poor communication greatly jeopardizes your return on change investment (ROCI). Want to increase your impact? Then improve your communication!

Content marketing is all about packaging your message in riveting content and getting that across to your target groups. The aim? Generate more leads, more sales and build stronger loyalty ties.

Although content marketing is more ‘educational’, it is still marketing. Despite its more ‘indirect’ nature, its objectives are not softer compared to other marketing strategies and tactics. Want to reach your customers? Do so through relevant content!

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Change Communication is connecting the dots within your organization to achieve your business goals.

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Content Marketing is selling through relevant, up-to-date content.