Accelerating your S/4HANA transformation

Key challenges in your move to S/4HANA

SAP have committed to supporting ECC until 2027 under a standard support contract.

Consider starting your move to SAP S/4HANA sooner – or you might hit unexpected (and damaging) hurdles later.

We appreciate that migrating to S/4HANA is a big business decision and that you have concerns:

  • The complexity of the migration
  • The inherent risks involved
  • The cost and effort required

At Delaware, we have completed over 120 S/4HANA assessments and migrations (and counting) so our step-by-step approach is proven to maximise the benefits to you whilst minimising (or eliminating) these potential pitfalls.

As your partner, we will work with you to plan and execute your business’s migration to S/4HANA, delivering you a platform that precisely meets your needs.

We offer three approaches


  • Start in a new, clean, system
  • Re-(new) design of business processes
  • Initial data load


  • Selective migration that includes partial load of historical data – (via partner SNP)
  • Harmonisation and consolidation into an SAP system 
  • Potentially combined with system merger and/or drastic reorganisations


  • Migrate the full system, with all historical data
  • Merge of source system to target system
  • Keep business processes wherever possible
  • High reuse

Get the best insight into your migration options

We run a workshop with you to identify your priorities.

By reviewing 25 key factors, we colour code to highlight their relevance to you.

The output of this reveals clearly which migration option is the best fit for you.

Five added-value ways we can ensure your migration project boosts your energy business

We find you the solution which optimises the benefits and eliminates the pain

Our experts work hand in glove with you, bringing proven project methodology, best practices and templates.

We workshop with you and propose effective solutions customised to your specific energy organisation.

The proven benefits to you include:

  • A faster migration process
  • Near-zero downtime
  • Key component itemisation
  • Reduced impact and risk
  • Reduced timelines
  • Lower cost

Let us help guide your business’s migration to S/4HANA and enjoy the effect of next-generation tech on supporting your business growth, future-proofing your operations and giving them the foundation to capitalise on emerging technology and innovation – so you keep ahead of your competition.

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