The countdown to the future
starts now!


Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, at the 2020 RightTimeCompany Awards. We are pleased to announce 3 winners in these categories: Transparency award,
Performance award and New Business award…

What should you be doing in 2017 if you want to bring home one of these
awards in 2020? Learn how winning companies leverage
on real time data to grow to right time companies.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could look back from the future and be satisfied with the path you are following right now?

During this unique event delaware will take you back to the future
and help you build solid foundations today.

Join us and learn how the decisions you are currently making can lead to success.

We’ll offer you…

- Vivid case studies to help you learn from experience during the delaware RightTimeCompany awards

- An exclusive peek behind the scenes at auction house Bernaerts. Peter Bernaerts , who runs the family business, will show us how auctioneers often need to make important decisions in the blink of an eye and how crucial right time data is when running online auctions.

- A brief introduction on sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility at delaware

- Excellent network opportunities with other C-level attendees


The future starts now. There’s no time to waste…


Smart decisions lead to smart companies, and to success in the future in the end. We aim to give you the tools to make sure that in 3 years from now you will be able to leverage real-time data to the right context thanks to a solid strategy that you outline today.

13/06/2017 – 5:00 PM

Registrations are closed for this event, we are looking forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming events.



Welcome reception with right-on-time served fingerfood


delaware RightTimeCompany awards ceremony


A peek behind the scenes at auction house Bernaerts

by Peter Bernaerts


Walking dinner and guided tour