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The pace of change in business is accelerating as more and more enterprises prioritise digital transformation and adopt higher levels of automation to drive up productivity and operational value. This process brings challenges as well as opportunities. However, how do organisations make the transition without neglecting the need to deliver instant profitability? How do they ensure they continue to engage with employees positively today as they transition to the smart new technologies of tomorrow?

Attend our free workshop where we’ll be discussing how technology is impacting the future of work and companies in all industries can be proactive to this change.

Hosted by Ian Greenhalgh and Richard Seel, this open-format discussion will cover:

  • How can organisations get the most out of automation and still retain the loyalty of their staff?
  • What will the future of work look like?
  • How can businesses ensure that tomorrow’s workplace empowers employees to work more effectively
  • Will decision-making be made putting the profit principle front and centre or will the future of the workforce be given a high priority?

Date and Location

Date: Thursday 28 November 2019

Time: 16:30 – 18:30

Venue: The Foyle Room, Bristol Old Vic


Registrations are closed for this event, we are looking forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming events.

This workshop is suitable for anyone in senior management who would like to engage in an open and honest conversation about how to execute a successful business transformation. We encourage an informal, relaxed environment where people can come along for discussion, knowledge-sharing and simply to ask questions. Please feel free to invite colleagues or connections who will find this workshop beneficial. After the workshop, we invite you to stay and join us for drinks, nibbles and networking. 

Download the Future of Work whitepaper, the latest in delaware's business insight series.

Registrations are closed for this event, we are looking forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming events.