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For the fourth successive year, more than 100 new colleagues at Delaware Consulting Belgium

Kortrijk, 3 September 2015  – Delaware Consulting continues to expand internationally, both through new regional offices – Hungary and Malaysia – and in new recruits. The IT-service provider in Belgium will, for the fourth successive year, easily pass the mark of 100 new employees. Right now, the counter is already at 101 but, ultimately, the organization is aiming at 165 new hires by year-end 2015. Those new colleagues will contribute toward the organization’s sustainable, organic growth.

IT-service provider aims for 165 new hires in 2015
As in previous years, the organization aims – when recruiting – for a mix of experience and youthful enthusiasm. A new crop of junior consultants will guarantee the latter. This week, 55 graduates – the biggest group so far – have started their training route at Delaware’s Junior Academy.

Impressive growth trajectory

Since its incorporation 12 years ago, Delaware Consulting has had an impressive track record. For example, the IT-service provider has, in Belgium, grown from 124 to 725 employees. Globally, the company already has in excess of 1,100 employees. New regional offices are opened with clock-like regularity. The organization currently operates from 19 offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, China, Singapore, the Philippines, Hungary, Malaysia and the United States.

Managing Partner Jan Delaere: “Delaware Consulting’s success is the result of a deliberately chosen scenario for growth, based on a sustainable corporate culture. Entrepreneurship, team spirit and striving to extend oneself professionally are keywords in that respect. We can, therefore, count on a low rate of staff turnover. Delaware is, above all, a close-knit team of colleagues who give their all, day after day, to build a sustainable future for our customers and, in doing so, for our own organization too.”