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Why you should upgrade to the newest version of SAP PRO

SAP has released an even better version of SAP PRO – and it’s completely Java 8-based, for higher efficiency and increased security. But when it comes to the advantages of SAP PRO, better performance is only the tip of the iceberg. Find out why the decision to upgrade to SAP NW 7.5 Process Orchestration, known as SAP PRO 7.5, is better made sooner rather than later. delaware is here to help.

A brief history of SAP PI/PRO

As business networks and internal application landscapes grow more complex, enabling smooth communication between your IT system and external partners and apps is paramount. SAP PI/PRO drives the seamless exchange of messages – think any type of business data – between your SAP system and departments, applications, partners and peers while allowing IT teams a clear overview of the exchange process.

Previous releases of SAP Process Integration – now SAP Process Orchestration – operated using a dual-stack model: an ABAP stack for main processes and a Java 6 stack, mainly for mapping  and external connections. While this solved key technical challenges, incoming transactions had to pass between the two stacks at least eight times, leading to delays and inefficiencies, not to mention significant reboot downtime.

Dual-stack solutions also require the use of five monitors or more to gain an end-to-end overview of how a message was processed. This poses challenges to IT teams in search of clarity and straightforward testing, and prevents the everyday business user from gaining insights into whether or not their purchase orders are being processed correctly, to give just one example.

“With the latest release of SAP PRO, all processes take place on one Java 8 stack, for faster transactions, higher security and overall better performance.”

The power of SAP PRO on single-stack Java 8

With SAP PRO 7.5, all processes take place on one Java 8 stack, for faster transactions, higher security and overall better performance that your monitoring personnel will take note of.

Monitoring is greatly simplified; users can click through abbreviated overviews displayed on one screen for a hassle-free view of the entire processing path. With all message data centralized in one stack, giving access to power users is a simple process and a business-friendly visual interface makes monitoring easy, even for non-IT people. To ensure the most intuitive interface possible, SAP offers a separate monitoring solution, Message Flow monitor, which is free and comes with significant value-adding functionalities.

SAP has significantly boosted interoperability in this release, adding new protocols and functionalities such as the REST adapter – which is being used by more and more applications across the board, including SAP cloud applications. The simplified architecture of this version speeds up the creation of new interfaces, winning time for your IT team to focus on tasks that add business value and further lowering your total cost of ownership.

Two ways to do it: migration vs. upgrade

A migration approach requires a complete move from your old SAP system to a new system. First, SAP PRO 7.5 is installed parallel to your existing PI system. Then, the new system is tested in two stages and moved to production to make sure the new system runs as smoothly as possible.

If your current PI system is dual-stack, the migration approach is your only choice. However, migration can be approached in a phased way, in which interfaces are moved one at a time, saving IT resources and making time for issue resolution.

However, if you’re already running a single-stack Java system, the upgrade approach is ideal for your business. The integration consists of a software upgrade – no new hardware is needed – and you remain within your old environment without altering any existing connections between SAP and PRO. SAP offers a free migration tool with every SAP PRO installation that automates the conversion between old and new objects, cutting integration time in half. An exclusive automatic regression testing tool is currently under development, which aims to reduce the man hours needed to ensure that your upgrade is running smoothly.

Choose delaware for a smooth SAP PRO integration

delaware already has over 40 SAP PRO upgrades under its belt – including its own. As an SAP partner, we have access to information about upcoming updates, changes and SAP software developments and can offer you tailored assistance. Even more, members of our experienced integrations team are on SAP’s international focus group (IFG) for integration customers and partners, enabling us to help shape the future of SAP solutions.

Ready to find out more about the advantages of SAP PRO 7.5 and the benefits of working with delaware on your SAP integration? Get in touch with one of our experts.