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Starting as a junior consultant

Hi there! Congratulations, you’ve graduated (or are about to)! Now what?

Whether you’re fresh out of school or already have some experience in the workforce, making the right career choice can be a bit daunting. Don’t worry though – we’ve all been there.

Taking those first steps into the job market might make you feel a little like Bambi on ice – wobbly and insecure. However, we trust that you and your expertise will fit right in. We’re in no doubt that you’ll discover a whole new world as a technical consultant, a functional consultant, or somewhere in between. Not sure yet which function at delaware matches your profile? We’d suggest you have a look at the junior job descriptions below. Who knows? You might recognize yourself in one of them. If so, we should definitely have a talk.

Whichever path you take, it will be an incredible journey either way. Which adventure will you chose?


Let’s get you off to a flying start

Many of you will feel like you’ve had enough education for a while and are very eager to jump straight in. Still, we want to make sure to give you the right tips and tricks to get you off to a flying start in your new job as a consultant.

That’s why you’ll kick off your career by participating in the so-called Analyst Boot Camp, an intensive 6-week track packed with trainings and workshops. You’ll take a deep dive into the technologies you’ll be working with and boost your soft skills during social get-togethers, team buildings and business games.

Curious to see how other starters did during their first week? Read all about it in this blog. As a junior consultant, you are going to take ownership of the time you spend with us and truly make a difference. Are you ready?

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