Junior IT Consultant

Bristol (flexible on UK-wide travel)

As part of our SAP consulting team you will be developing enterprise solutions and digital platforms centred around the SAP product stack (HANA, S/4 HANA, SAP Cloud Platform, Hybris).

Opportunity overview


Opportunity: Junior Consultant (Graduate Programme)

Location: Bristol (flexible on UK-wide travel)

Disciplines accepted: All degrees

Your role

  • As part of our SAP consulting team you will be developing enterprise solutions and digital platforms centred around the SAP product stack (HANA, S/4 HANA, SAP Cloud Platform, Hybris)
  • Focus areas are implementing and enhancing SAP business applications and tailor these to meet the requirements of our customers
  • At a business process and functional level, this means working with our customers to understand how their business operates, map their requirements to the SAP software, advising on best practice, and delivering solutions which meet their needs
  • At a technical level, this will involve integrating on-premise and cloud applications, designing and creating engaging new user interfaces (HTML5, Fiori, UI5), mobile app development, build data management and ETL capabilities and creating business intelligence platforms
  • Our goal is to provide a career development path whereby you develop both your knowledge of the SAP product suite, as well as gain consulting skills. You collaborate with our clients to identify and design the right solutions for our customers, and successfully see these through the entire project lifecycle
  • You will be involved in our SAP implementation projects from start to finish, remotely and at client site, working closely with colleagues across a broad spectrum of disciplines

Essential skills, behviours & interests

  • Candidates should have a keen interest in information technology and enterprise applications, business process design, application development, system-to-system integration, (big) data & information management, web and user interface technologies, mobility and cloud
  • Strong analytical thinking skills and ability to quickly analyse complex problems
  • Inquisitive and eager to learn new skills
  • Effective communication skills and ability to articulate ideas and concepts in a captivating manner
  • Proactive and keen to step up and take on additional responsibilities
  • Positive team spirit, and ability to work with peers towards a common goal
  • Effective time-management and deliver to deadlines
  • Knowledge of, or having completed a course in SAP is desirable but not essential

Entry criteria

  • Candidates should be eligible to work in the UK
  • Delaware’s graduate programme is open to candidates from both a technical or non-technical background

Achieving success together

If not everything is crystal clear yet, don’t worry. During our first interview which is mainly for orientation purposes, we’ll strive to match your interests to the opportunities and activities on offer within delaware as optimally as possible. Together, we’ll discover what suits you best and how we can get your career off to a flying start.

Achieving success for our customers means more than merely delivering the project on time and on budget; we also create relevant added value for them. That’s often only possible when you’ve got first-hand knowledge of your customer and their processes, which is another reason why we always work with our customers as frequently and as closely as possible.

Meanwhile, you’re responsible for much of your own success. We give you the opportunity to grow, thanks to an extensive portfolio of training courses and supported by a personal mentor. If you’re keen to gain more in-depth technological knowledge, you can. Various career tracks are available, depending on your interest and skills. You can specialise in one or more technical disciplines, or alternatively, you could choose to broaden your scope and evolve in the direction of project management or functional expertise.

Please note applications will be reviewed in the New Year with an expected Assessment Centre taking place late January in London.


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