What’s the story behind your company images?

Oct 07, 2015
An important aspect in the building and maintaining of a strong corporate identity, are the company images. If you want your corporate identity to breathe your company culture, it is key to have a clear understanding of what your company stands for. What are your company values? What makes your company culture so unique? 

Keep your branding alive

Nature has always been the central theme in our set of company images. Some of you might remember the honeycombs, the flying birds all heading in the same direction and the close-up of a green leaf.


Next to our images, we always choose bright colors like green, red, orange and purple. Colors are moods and emotions. They represent a combination of young, dynamic, creative and experienced colleagues, sharing the Delaware Consulting brand in their day-to-day work, towards clients and the market.

Once you have your branding material available, you should keep it alive. Why not create a yearly action plan? Schedule a specific action to do each month, like launching a new email signature or creating a new company movie.

From time to time, we create a fresh set of images. They are used on our desktops and in our email signatures. You can also find the nature theme on our promo materials. Did you ever visit one of our offices? Then you must have seen the pictures as well, being it in our meeting rooms or at the reception desk.

During summer, you might even have come across one of our colleagues tattooed in true Delaware Consulting style. Worldwide, we had a contest where colleagues from all entities could post pictures with Delaware tattoos on their bodies.

It is great to keep your branding into the minds of your colleagues and clients. It strengthens the togetherness, the feeling of belonging to a unique group.

The recombination spirit

By the end of last year, we labeled Delaware Consulting’s vision for 2020 ‘recombining the future’. But what is recombining? It is bringing different elements together in a new way. You create a new combination, to have a view from another angle that is crossing and connecting to existing interpretations. It establishes new paradigms. It combines experience with fresh new thoughts. It’s co-creation. It’s embracing new technologies, digitalization and business development on a global level.

We visualized this idea of recombining in the molecular image, as molecules make it possible to recombine. By adding or removing molecules, we can anticipate on specific client needs and by the way, in nature all elements are made of molecules and provide the base of all natural elements ….

The story behind some of our most recent images

The owl’s eyes

This picture represents the focus we have on our clients. The owl is wise and has a very sharp eye, no details will slip away, we also want to keep a sharp eye on our customers’ needs.

The spider web
We chose the spider web to symbolize our company’s journey. Every facet is connected, innovation, insights, business development, employer DNA, technology, strategy, values, stories, people, clients, projects …. every piece is unique and strengthens another part, but above all is part to build the journey.

This picture represents our GLocal model, water can flow in narrow holes and very rugged paths, but it always stays connected …. local and global because every small river ends in the sea. Water surrounds mountains, and connects people. Water has many forms and shapes, it is disruptive, it seeks other tracks and connections, maybe the flow of water brings us to new markets and valuable networks.

The birdhouses
The colorful houses represent our rooms and offices, rooms for improvement, for thoughts, to share ideas and meet our colleagues.

The growth rings and DNA
The growth rings in the tree are our DNA, the growth rings are telling the Delaware Consulting story. Rings happen because of the change in growth speed through winter, spring, summer and fall. If a tree grows in a dry place, you can tell its age better than when it grows in a wet place. Switching in between bad and good conditions can result in several rings forming in one year. The same goes for our company, we achieve a lot, but sometimes we can learn to do things better, but happy that we are still able to learn and evolve.

What about your brand? Maybe we can share some ideas?


 Author: Eva Content. You can follow Eva on Twitter (@contenteve) or connect with her on LinkedIn