Weird obsessions and odd habits. Here is a glimpse of the (not so) everyday life of our new colleagues

Nov 25, 2015

Each year, more than 50 new junior consultants join our organization. More than 50 new individuals with their own personality, habits and ideas. We’re interested in getting to know our new colleagues, to discover their true nature, their odd habits, morning rituals or everyday traditions.

In the past month we conducted in-depth interviews with every one of them. This is how we try to find out the answers to the questions: “Who are you? ”, “What is your passion? ”, “What motivates you?”. We also asked them: “What’s an odd habit you have?”. This resulted in some interesting insights we would like to share with you.

We are happy to introduce you the new generation of Delaware Consulting!

1. Dieter

Hi, I’m Dieter, born in 1991. I live in Maldegem and I recently joined the OpenText team. Before I started working at Delaware Consulting I studied applied computer sciences and IT-management. In my free time you can find me fencing, playing guitar, going out with friends and watching series (I’m a true Doctor Who fan).

I love my freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning. Even when I need to get up at 4 in the morning, I will squeeze oranges.

2. Wouter

Salut! My name is Wouter
Analyst in SAP since 31st of August 2015
Past studies: business economics at the University of Antwerp

Whenever I can, I’m always playing sports like
Aces, smashes and volleys: I love tennis!
Running, skiing and soccer are the other sports I practice
Every day I’m working in my new apartment
H O U S E music, pop and R&B are my favorite music genres

The first thing I do when I arrive home is putting on comfortable clothes, sit for a couple of minutes, then I change back to sporting clothes and immediately go for a run.

3. Jens

My name is Jens and I recently joined the SAP Production Logistics team. Before, I studied business engineering at the university of Antwerp with a main focus on corporate finance and management information systems. My hobbies are football, cycling and running. In my spare time I also love to play the piano or watch series and movies.

I have some weird restaurant habits. I always use the napkin to subtly clean the cutlery myself when I take a seat at my table. When I drive home afterwards, I often find the napkin in my pocket, but I almost never remember how it got there.

4. Mathias

Hello! I’m Matthias and I joined the OpenText team. I recently graduated at KU Leuven in business engineering in management information systems and to celebrate that, I spent one fantastic month in China during the holidays with some friends. I like travelling a lot and, when I’m not studying hard for my OpenText courses, I go for a run, I play on my guitar or I cook.

My strangest habit originates from when I was an Erasmus exchange student in Spain. I was completely overwhelmed by the song ‘Puppy’ of Netsky, a Belgian DJ. I was really excited to wake up every day in this new country and my wake-up tune had been ‘Puppy’ during my whole Erasmus adventure. The first thing I did was jumping out my bed and start dancing on this song. This habit actually never really disappeared.

5. Simon

I am an ambitious and enterprising person with a positive ‘can-do’ attitude. I like breaking the status-quo and getting stuff done. I am passionate about people, ideas, technology, data and cheese (also, penguins are awesome). My goal is to grow as a person, to be able to complement the people around me and be a valuable addition to a team bringing expertise, friendship (and cheese).

When I put on a T-shirt I always pull it over my head first without sticking my arms in it (which is how most people do it). For some bizarre reason this annoys the hell out of my girlfriend.

6. Thomas

Hi, my name is Thomas and I just joined the SAP Infrastructure Services team. A couple of years ago, I graduated as an teacher in English and IT. After graduating, I started working for the service desk at ArcelorMittal. In my spare time you can find me playing badminton, bouldering or wakeboarding.

Every morning, I just roll out of bed. This means I need a 70cm drop to wake up properly. However, it does work!

7. Jing

Hello, my name is Jing and I am 23 years old. I currently live in Gavere but in one month (hopefully), I will be moving to Ghent. In my spare time, I love spending time with friends. Furthermore, I am interested in things like (trivial) facts, music, fashion, linguistics, science, skiing, travelling and cooking.

My odd habits? Here is an overview:

– I want to know what time it is at every moment of the day. Therefore, I check my watch a lot. (Note: that does not mean at all I am bored, I am just obsessed with time and weather)
– My nails always have to be painted. You might say I’m addicted to nail varnish
– I have the tendency to talk too fast 

Do you have any odd habits that you’re willing to share with us?

Author: Jasper Van Mullem. You can follow Jasper on Twitter (@jasper_vm) or connect with him on LinkedIn