10 facts every SharePoint user needs to know

Feb 19, 2015
In the business environment, everything has always been about documents. We all can imagine the time when desks were stacked full with paper and dossiers. Do you remember the time when we used to print every document and archive it in folders and file cabinets? Or when your colleague was waiting on the file you were about to finish?
Nowadays this isn’t fancy anymore. The trend today is a paperless office. Store everything in the cloud! But how? Every business has probably wrapped his head around at least one of the following questions ‘how are we going to store our documents in the best possible way?’, ‘How can we work together efficiently on our documents within a project?’ or even ‘How are we going to find back all this information that we have stored in our documents?’

Microsoft SharePoint is a very good answer to these questions. At least… it is a good answer when you plan and define your document solution very well. To do that, here are ten facts that everyone that gets involved with SharePoint should know, in a lovely infographic made by Sharegate.


10 Facts Every SharePoint User needs to know [Infographic]