SAP’s reasoning behind the aim for simplicity

Jan 11, 2016
A few weeks ago, we had the honor of having Cathy Daum, Senior VP SAP GPO EMEA, as a speaker on our SAP Innovation Summit. In her keynote she explained SAP’s reasoning behind the aim to simplicity. Where does it come from?

There’s this simple observation that on average 10% of a company’s profit is lost due to complexity. Obviously, regulatory affairs and the business itself are causes of complexity, but technology (or the lack of it) is also an explanation.
The solution? An improved user experience and better solutions, empowered by the ‘blink of an eye’ HANA technology. The effectiveness is proven for both aspects: The Red Dot Award for the Fiori design ànd the fact that SAP managed to cut down the time needed for a quarter close by 50%.

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