How to stop people from hating your marketing automation

Apr 11, 2016

It’s spring, the sun is shining and you are full of energy. It’s time to sport again, and get yourself fit. You set ambitious goals and start training. But having a good condition isn’t enough. It’s also important to have the right equipment. This summer, you would like to cycle in the French Pyrenees. And so you decide to invest in a new bike that fits you best.  

Disclosing the moment

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to immediately see the bike of your dreams on the home page of your favorite sports website? With the frame, size, material and color you really want. Only one click away from your online shopping bag.

One week after you had your bike delivered, you receive the message: “How’s your new bike?”. As a pleasantly surprised and satisfied customer, you would happily receive personalized training tips, like: “Perfect cycling weather in Ghent on Tuesday and Friday. You can go to your work by bike”, or: “Here is an idyllic route in your neighborhood to try during this sunny weekend”.

Unfortunately, companies start from their own needs. While they actually should take the moments of their customers as their starting point.

Reality check

The reality can be a real eye-opener. To find your perfect bike, you have to survive a tough search: visit some brick-and-mortar stores, surf on websites, read brochures and blogs,…

Sadly, the truth is that you might even receive messages about kids’ bikes (even if you do not have children), an invitation for a horse ride training, and promotions for electric bicycles.

It can make you upset, wondering: “Why are you doing this? You know who I am, you know what I’m looking for… Please give me what I need!” And that is the point where you start hating marketing automation, because it is not personalized.

Start off on the right foor

Companies should start from the moments of their customers, not from their own needs. They should use the customers’ data, realizing that content fuels marketing automation.

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Author: Ine Laleman. You can follow Ine on Twitter (@IneLaleman) or connect with her on LinkedIn