GLocal Managed Services. A clear vision or a typo?

May 28, 2015
The pendulum is coming back. Onsite IT services and proximity are valued again by companies, even if that has an impact on the pricing. How should managed services be offered? We believe it should be a vision that conforms to the company’s core values, developed as a co-creation with its customers. A scalable and flexible organization, lean and transparent, is key to come with those solutions.

Managed Services? No need, we have our own key people in house!

True. Most companies have their own IT staff. Over years, they made major investments to keep the overall competence level high. But is that still feasible? What if a solution would exist that is really answering to your needs, as an extension to your local staff, reducing your overall salary costs? You could consider to cooperate with a partner to handle those topics that require a too specific set of competences, or to reply to that type of questions and services that can easily be automated.

Of course, it is important to have your own key people in IT, who can drive and supervise the processes. But, as it is not easy to find experienced, high skilled people, it can be valuable to have the local staff mainly focusing on new opportunities and projects. The services provider, on the other hand, can deal with incidents and support. These services have to be delivered in close collaboration with you. Efficiency is a must, ensured via the use of a structured and uniform way of working, tailored to your specific needs.

So what is that GLocal thing all about?

You did read it in the right way, it is not a typo. “GLocal” is how we offer our services to our customers. Yes, Delaware Consulting grew quite a bit the past decade, and along with that, the global presence became a reality. But still, we want to respect our way of working, our identity and values at all times. We want to be ready for global companies, but at least as important is the ability to remain the well-known partner for local customers, that are moreover looking for proximity.

Already many years ago, we started as a local delivery center in Belgium for application services. Those basic principles were adopted in other entities. France, China, US, Singapore and the Netherlands, all of them are today serving their local market from their own delivery center.

Now, it is time for the next step: chaining all those local delivery centers so that a true ‘follow the sun’ becomes reality. Not an approach to have one location delivering all services in different shifts, with a low cost focus, but a clear vision on following our customers, wherever they are located around the globe. Of course, we combine this approach with our global delivery centers, each of them focused on a specific domain. They can be involved in the follow the sun chain in a supporting mode, with a positive impact on the cost picture, or they can be fully used as a competence center, in a more factory based approach. Follow the sun enables full 24×5 coverage, and opens the door towards 24×7.

Bottom line, our focus is and will remain the delivery of quality at a competitive cost, following the philosophy and expectations our customers have.

Major revision on processes and offering

Setting the scene is one thing. Similar to a software package that comes with a newer version from time to time, we are also revising and standardizing our GLocal offering currently.

Processes, tools, even our portfolio are subject for revision the coming months. Based on the input of all our entities, consultants and customers, it is time to tackle the hiccups and bottlenecks, to tune the processes, and ensure our ITIL compliancy. Not just for the sake of it, but because we want to offer our GLocal Managed Services with standards, worldwide applied and fully respected.

Again combining our strengths, to deliver a true Delaware Consulting solution.


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