5 articles every SAP HANA enthusiast should read

Jul 16, 2015

For those who would not have noticed: SAP HANA is the future. And we are part of it! We are proud to mention that, on July 6th, we successfully requalified our FAST solutions to S/4HANA: FAST-Food (Belgium, Luxembourg, France and the Netherlands), FAST-Chemicals (Belgium and Luxembourg), FAST-Retail (Belgium, Luxembourg and France), and FAST-Engineer (Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands).

This year, you could already read quite some interesting SAP HANA articles on our blog. Some are meant as an introduction for those who want to keep up without going into the details, others focus more on specific aspects and are expert-level, such as SAP Simple Finance or SAP Fiori, the new face of SAP.

Want to keep up with SAP HANA? Here is your summer reading list:

  1. The story of SAP HANA: from buzzword to reality, by Bart Van Peteghem
  2. Can finance be simple?, by Jeroen Van Hulle and Sebastiaan De Roeck
  3. The much-needed facelift of SAP, by Jannick Staes
  4. The SAP HANA evolution: a one-page summary, by Alexander Naessens
  5. The many faces of SAP HANA, by Denis Van Waetermeulen

Get inspired

Still eager to learn more about the intriguing innovations going on at SAP? We would be more than happy to meet you at our SAP Innovation Summit in Ghent on October 15. Cathy Daum will inspire you with her keynote ‘Simplifying your business’. Next to that, we have numerous customer cases from various industries on the agenda, and you have the opportunity to meet our experts.

Interested? Drop us a line at events@delawareconsulting.com, and we will send you a personal invitation after the summer holidays!


Author: Nathalie Vermeulen. You can follow Nathalie on Twitter (@vermeulen_n) or connect with her on LinkedIn