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The aerospace and defence (A&D) industry is experiencing disruption like never before. An industry that has typically led the way in product innovation and technology, in order to continue having such unprecedented impact, A&D businesses must find new, innovate ways to grow and succeed.

Today’s key challenges

Today’s key challenges

Successful A&D businesses must manage finite resources, accommodate ever-shifting customer demand for customised products and compete with increasingly specialised entrants in the market, while ensuring high quality and safety. The pressure placed by OEMs on the supply chain to constantly reduce prices while expecting increased efficiency makes flexibility and automation essential differentiators.

Operational excellence is core to A&D, and companies need to be agile and resilient in their response to rapid change and disruption. Leveraging data-driven insights and consistent scenario planning to evaluate supply chain impact and financial implications is essential to optimise business continuity and recovery planning.

An ageing workforce, lack of specialised engineers and a battle for cost-effective materials are constant challenges. Automating processes and connecting assets across the entire supply chain is critical to scale and reduce costs.

Customers are requiring more for less, and demand is sporadic. Production and supply chain processes must be flexible enough to accelerate reactions to fluctuations in demand, supply and resources.

Many manufacturers are still using SAP ECC but must migrate to SAP S4/HANA by 2027. SAP S/4HANA provides the opportunity to not only rationalise the SAP landscape, but also to adopt common processes and provide a foundation for shared services.

A threefold approach

The power of intelligent ERP

We help A&D customers realise new value by adopting a phased approach:

Optimise what you already do by implementing a stable and scalable digital core to make processes more transparent and integrated.

Expand your current processes by connecting them to the real world using IoT technologies.

Transform your business using real-time data that enables new service-driven business models.

Discover FAST A&D

We have developed FAST A&D, an SAP S/4HANA certified, integrated solution which encompasses the end-to-end business process backbone for A&D companies.

The benefits of FAST A&D:

  • Produce customised products rapidly and flexibly
  • Gain a holistic, detailed overview of all manufacturing processes
  • Meet rapidly shifting customer demand
  • Improve agility in order to be reactive to industry developments

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