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Strategic Sourcing_icon

Strategic Sourcing

Learn how collaboration, big data and analytics enable strategic sourcing decisions based on long-term value instead of just purchase price.
Advanced planning_icon

Advanced planning

Learn how advanced planning tools offer a holistic view of your supply chain in the short- and long-term to help you meet changing demands.
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Smart warehouse

Explore how a smart warehouse – relying on software and new technologies like RFID, IoT, AR glasses, robots and drones – raises efficiency and saves costs.
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Smart Maintenance

New technologies like mobile apps, big data or IoT help make maintenance smarter – and hence, much more effective. Here’s how.
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Information management

Digitising and interlinking unstructured information drives sustainable growth. Discover delaware’s holistic approach to information management.
today we have a hands-on and realistic roadmap - we know exactly what we need to do to solve our challenges – today and in the future
Omer Gerson, director of Digital, Analytics and Innovation at Netafim


Greenfield, Brownfield or BLUEFIELD™: pick your path to SAP S/4HANA

When it comes to SAP S/4HANA implementations and migrations, plenty of terminology is flying around. Different terms that mean the same thing, similar but unrelated words, and overlapping definitions … all of these make understanding the language of SAP projects tougher than it needs to be. In this blog post, delaware SAP S/4HANA expert Folker Lamote lays it all out for you in plain English – including the pros and cons.

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