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SAP ERP revisited to help you run simple

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SAP Analytics

For stronger, faster, better business decisions

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Enterprise Asset Management

A holistic approach to optimization

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Seeing is believing: why you need to trial S/4HANA

With still more than six years to go until SAP support for ECC software comes to a halt, what’s the pressure to move now? Large scale IT migration projects can be costly, time-consuming and if not managed effectively, result in significant downtime.

But if we were only ever to review the risks, we’d never reap the rewards. Legacy systems are often cited as the key problem for business struggling with stagnating growth. In ever-growing markets and under the pressure of an always demanding customer base, there is a desperate need to closely connect customer data to operations in a closed loop.

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5 tips to avoid a clunky ERP change journey

Investing in change management when implementing an ERP system is a key element in planning for success. Change management aims at speeding up full adoption, preparing the organization for its future state and ensuring that new tools will be used to their fullest potential, embedded in new and improved ways of working. That is the case for any IT-driven transformation, but even more so if your organization is introducing a new ERP system.

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How cloud-based software and the right enterprise architecture help CFOs manage complexity

Surprised to see a story on the topic of enterprise architecture in CFO Connect? Under the impression that this topic is more for CIOs? Think again! Finance drives the pulse of every organization: as a CFO, you help prepare your company for an unpredictable tomorrow. A robust yet flexible, scalable and innovative IT landscape helps you manage volatility and complexity. As a result, it is key for you to care about the software you use as well as the enterprise architecture.

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Our refreshed delaware brand

One thing is for certain: we are a company in the midst of growth. Our organization continues to evolve and so does our brand. That is why we refreshed our brand, to drive delaware towards further internationalization and brand consistency.

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